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About Menny


DJ Menny is professional DJ specialized in deep & soulful house music only.

House Music:
It’s not music that promotes violence, hate, racism or pessimism!
It promotes, hope, love, peace & harmony.

His love for music and technology started at an early age. By the time he was 20 years old, Menny was involved in Radio Broadcasting, TV, Media Technology, and Satellite Installation for home and professional use.

In the last decade or so Menny has put together some very creative websites and web designs with his vast knowledge of popular software’s like Adobe Photo-Shop, Dream Weaver, Sony Vegas, Flash to Cubase Music Studio… Menny is also a freelance photographer and a mini video producer.


Menny says: My father was 37 years international truck driver, he used to take me all over Europe. Got addicted to travel and now I love to see new places. One day I went back home and took him on a small vacation, road trip, just me and him. However… He never supported me in music/dj but still I love him so much! and I’m grateful for his sacrifices working for me all his life.

Menny and his father Dhermi-Albania


Menny working in the Radio Merlyn-Diber (1993)

Menny taking pictures in the mounties, lakes and rivers… (note:  all the cover mix CD’s pictures in this website are original Menny’s work)

Menny in Washington DC

Brooklyn, NY 8 years of my life!

Denver, Colorado

Menny in Staten Island, first club I did but never had chance to play. Just few days later before the grand opening I had my accident…

Menny at Lake George

Menny in Puerto Rico, San Juan

This is a video intermezzo project I did back in 2006 to promote landscaping for my home town Dibra/Debar the forgotten place in Balkan region (Europe)

Menny in Hawaii, Big Island

Menny in Miami

menny_hors_shoue Niagara Falls, Canada


Camelback, NJ

Disney Magic Kingdom, Orlando, FL, USA

Vermount – Shugerbush

vacation_brazil Brazil – Amazon



I came to America to be closer to House Music…

more about me it’s written in my music,

if you feel my music,

you will feel me…

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