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Video – House 2 House


Menny Dibrani (AL) & Joe Doppio (ITA) Monthly underground Live show for our friends and family around the world. This is pure deep-down-soulful-vocal house  music!!! A lot of tracks we play here are promos, tests, unreleased stuff, experiments!!!

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House-2-House DJ Rama (Pogradec, AL)


On the turntables Menny Dibrani (Diber-NJ), DJ Rama (Pogradec-NJ), Joe Doppio (Napoli-ITA) Esteban Fernadez (San Francisco)

In here we test our new bootlegs products.
The show is dedicated to our fans around the world…
For The Love of House Music, nothing more -nothing less…

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Video New York Underground Scenes


Not too long ago, it looked like New York’s glory days as a center for dance music had passed. As the birthplace of disco and hip-hop and the home of legendary nightclubs like the Paradise Garage, Limelight and Twilo, the city has long been part of the cultural fabric. But as the notoriously grimy city of the late 20th century transformed into the sleek and hyper-gentrified metropolis of today, its thriving underground lost its foothold.

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Video (rec live) House 2 House


On the turntables DJ Menny, Esteban, Joe Doppio and Ray Sileir.

In here we test our new products.
The show is dedicated to our fans around the world…

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Louie Vega Moment…


One of my favorite DJ’s

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Metronome Of Everyday Life. House Music :)


Remarkable story of the South African city’s thriving house scene.
South Africans are the biggest consumers of house music in the world, and Johannesburg is the beating heart of their scene. If you’re looking for proof, there is no need to visit a nightclub. In turning on a television, listening to the radio or walking down the street, it’s clear that a 4/4 pulse is the metronome of everyday life. The city’s preferred sound—vocal-led, percussive, melodic—is largely at odds with what’s popular in other international markets; this coupled with cripplingly slow internet speeds goes someway to explaining SA’s absence from the global house music conversation.

View the full feature on RA:

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Funny – Commercial $ound Engineer


Found this video funny and true 🙂

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House Dance Tutorial


Learn to dance the basic of “House Music Moves” video by
This is pretty much the exact warmup I do when I teach class. The moves change exactly every four 8 counts with some unique transitions in between. It’s a good way to practice your moves while getting your muscles moving.

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Sōl Deep Video


Video by Menny Dibrani
Venue name: SōL DEEP
Venue founder: Lou Alvarez & Esteban Fernandez
Location: Vivo Lounge, NJ, USA

Here is the video I created for the SōL DEEP party here in NJ. Founded by Lou Alvarez and Esteban Fernandez. Pure underground party where people dance and feel the deep soulful house music as is… the only food source for the soul!

With DJ’s from around the world like: Shun Tyger (QC Canada), Manuel Alejandro (NJ), Les Cole (NJ), Detail (NJ), Kortez (NJ), Brian Coxx (NY), Jon Cutler (BKNY), Tony Touch (NY), Ivan Diaz (Belgium), Tee Mallory (NJ), Larry Love (NJ), Ritarocks (NJ), Jeannie Hopper (NY), DJ J’Shon, Steeve Sam, Marcia Boynton (NJ), Paso Doble (QC Canada), Myrto Joyce (NY), Bradford James (BKNY), Barry B (NJ), Duron Dipp Tarik (NJ), Omar Abdallah (NJ), Glenn Thornton (NJ), Dawn Tallman (NY), Adam Cruz (NJ), Flora Cruz (NJ), Eddie Nicholas (NJ), Diego Sans (NY), DJ Aquabeat (NJ), Kinglion (NJ), John Crockett (NJ), DJ Menny (AL), Joe Doppio (ITA), Sabine Blaizin (BKNY), DJ Beloved (NJ), Horacio Tlatepla (NJ), Henry Diaz (CA), Jihad Muhammad (NJ), Justin Imperiale (NJ), Nadeeah Eshe (BKNY), DJ Sage (NJ), Mark Lewis (NJ), Ruben Toro (NY), David Castellano (SPAIN), CZ Boogie (CHI) , Phil Hooton (UK) and Swift of DJN Project (ATL).

Faithless – Insomnia


I Only Smoke Weed When I Need To,
And I Need To Get Some Rest,
I Confess, I Burnt A Hole In The Mattress,
Yes, Yes, It Was Me, I Plead Guilty,
And On The Count Of Three I Pull Back The Duvet,
Make My Way To The Refrigerator,
One Dry Potato Inside, No Lie
Not Even Bread, Jam,
When The Light Above My Head Went Bam!
I Can’t Sleep, Something’s All Over Me,
Greasy, Insomnia Please Release Me,
And Let Me Dream About Making Mad Love On The Heath,
Tearing Off Tights With My Teeth.
But There’s No Relief,
I’m Wide Awake In My Kitchen,
It’s Dark And I’m Lonely,
Oh, If I Could Only Get Some Sleep,
Creaky Noises Make My Skin Creep,
I Need To Get Some Sleep,
I Can’t Get No Sleep….

Having a Discothèque, Club, Bar, Restaourant… it’s not easy!


Take your time and watch this documentary if you like the night life and all the drama in it. Having a bar it’s a big risk, you have to know that everything will go down in the future and all this investment will be boring at some point. How you exit and do you have the ca$h to start over. It’s a big mystery…

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Menny Boxing


Trust me, from all the punches I’ve got that hurt me THE MOST was the one in stomach at [ time 1:58 ]

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Jill Scott – Hear My Call (Remixes)


Intense lyrics, got stuck in my head lately.
Remind me of the Sinead O’ConnorNothing Compares 2 U song…

There is beautiful House remix out there and I’m going to find it and post it here! However here is a latest Jill Scott single remixed by Toronto, Canada’s DJ Sean Sax (

*Hear My call (David Harness Harlum Mix) by David Harness

*Live Version on Sunday Best 8/7/2011 Click Here>>>

*Cover Instrumental Piano Version Click Here>>>

*And for lyrics just Click Here to read the rest of this entry »

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Our Home


Tragically beautiful.

You got to see this documentary all the way to the end.

all the way to the end

I said, all the way to the end of the movie, PLEASE!

don’t just see 2 minutes and ignore the rest…

Take your time and relax…

Watch Full video here


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