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Vocal House 029


cielo_4Photo taken at Club Cielo NYC

Track listing…

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TIME MACHINE House Music Mix



Download Here >>> or just listen by clicking play…

01 London Beat – Thinking about you
02 Larry Heard presents Mr White – You rock me
03 Lisa Stansfield – Ministry of Funk – People hold on
04 Edwin Collins – Girl like You
05 Nirvana – Smells like teen spirit
06 Santana – Black Magic Woman (vinyl 12″)
07 Pablo Fierro – Djambo (David Monoya Remix)
08 Louie Vega – Spiyanka (Menny’s touch)
09 Oscar P -Time Machine
10 Whitney Houston – I wanne dance with somebody (Menny’s touch)
11 Bob Marley – Is This Love

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Vocal House 011



First Published on: May 23, 2008
Thank you Tshepo Rankoe FOR asking to re-upload this mix!
Lost & Found & Fixed… Now Enjoy it 🙂

Download Here >>> or just listen by clicking play…

01. James Curd feat. JDub – Hand Weight – Sea Of Faces [Drop Music] 2008
02. Kenny Carvajal Feat. Swaylo – You Remind Me (Abicah Soul & Tony Loreto Vocal) PhutureSole 2008
03. Ane Brun – Headphone Silence (Dennis Ferrer Remix) Objektivity
04. Ralf GUM feat. Diamondancer – All This Love For You (Rocco’s Version)
05. Quentin Harris feat. Margaret Grace – My Joy (Menny’s Extendet Version)
06. Panevino feat. Xavior, Don’t Waste My Time (Original Mixes) 2007
07. Quentin Harris – No Politics feat. Byron Stingily – Hate Won’t Change Me
08. Kenny Bobien – Set Them Free (Rocco Remixes) [SOUNDMEN ON WAX]
09. Cloudkickers feat. Marcus – Bring On The Night (Rocco Bonus Mixes) [Newlite Muzik] 2008
10. The Rurals – I’m Lost (Original Version) [Peng] 2008

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Lost & Found Mixes…


It feels good to know people around the world download your mixes and feel what you feel in them, they appreciated and cherish the same as you do. But it’s unique beautiful feeling when someone comes and tells you MENNY, I STILL PLAY YOUR MIX YOU DID ON 1998!

I’m very organized and keep my stuff neat, but somehow I lost this mixes and thanks to my fans…got them back today!!!

Most of them are done with vinyl 12″
ps: Thank you Hektor Jubani and thank you South Africa! Enjoy it…

DJ Menny – Vocal House 001

download here

DJ Menny – Vocal House 002

download here


DJ Menny – Vocal House 003

download here


DJ Menny – Routes in Rhythm 3

download here

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Vocal House 027



Download Here >>> or just listen by clicking play…

01. Switch Ft. Andrea Martin – I Still Love You (Menny’s fuse version)
02. Zero 7 – Take me home (vinyl 12″)
03. Trina Broussard – Just as I am (Unreleased Quintin Harris remix) Menny’s edit
04. India – To be in love (Menny’s edit)
05. Being with you
06. N’Dambi – L.I.E.(Estranjeros Ghetto Touch)
07. Mr V – “Un Dia Bonito”
08. EBTHG – Missing (Todd Terry Remix) Menny’s edit
09. Mark Di Meo featuring Nickson, Let It Be Love (You Should Be Mine)
10. Sage Monk – Aching Heart ft. Ade Alafia
11. Fat Fraddy Drop – Hope (3 Generation Walking Remix)

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DJ Menny – Marker


Photo by DJ Menny (New York City)

Download >>> or just listen by clicking play…

01. Hood Natives feat. Mac Z – Sax In The City (Nastee’s 0808 Nevas Mix)
02. Andre Crom feat Martin Dawson – In the city
03. Nastee’s Nevas – Martin Luther King (remix speech)
04. Jovonn – Blues House (Jovonn’s Shakin Butt Mix)
05. Chellena Black – FREEDOM
06. Reel People feat. Omar – Outta Love(Alix Alvarez SOLE Channel Remix)
07. Blast Team – Crazy Man
08. The problem continues – How deep I can handle it
09. Dennis Ferrer – Underground is my home
10. Unlimited Soul EP – B-Piper
11. Sweet Words Of Soul EP Marvin K, Bra Sol (60 Hertz Project)
12. DBZ – Dee Jaying (DJ Shuffle Maftown Boy Afro-Dance Mix)

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Vocal House 026


Download Here >>> or just listen by clicking play…

01. The Jinks – Like Music (Acapela)
02. MuSol V The Jinks V Gladys Knight – If I Where Your Woman
03. Sting – Every Breath You Take (Scott Wozniak Club Mix)
04. Lisa Fischer – In to My Life (You Brought The Sunshine) Vamp Mix
05. Raze – Break For Love
06. Tumelo – Release Your Soul
07. DJ Micks ft Sphelele – Behind My Headphones
08. House Music – Mennys edit
09. Raw Artistic Soul – Sax In The City (Raw Artistic Soul Remix) GOGO
10. Darryl D’Bonneau – Revenge (Scott Wozniak Club Mix)
11. Boocky Endry Buka – I Still Love You ( Promo Unreleased Remix)

Here is my new mix before I go to vacation… Big shout to Matt Routes in the rhythm, London UK for his mixes and tracks he share threw the years. Hope you come back with you work… Also thanks to my US friends Paul Demps, Brian Burnside, Esteban Fernandez and to DJ Boocky Endri Buka from Albania for his unreleased remixes. ENJOY IT…

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Vocal House 025


Download Here >>> or just listen by clicking play…

01 Margaret Grace – My Love is Not Blind (Extended Vocal)
02 Audiowhores – Sometime
03 Michelle Weeks – The Light (Jamie Lewis Dub Mix)
04 Yass – He Reigns
05 Urban Soul – Show Me (Def Club Mix)
06 Everything But The Girl – Missing ( Promo )
07 Pa casa de – Francks Earthumental
08 Roy Ayers – Holiday (Kenny Dope, Dope Mix)
09 Sade – Removal Tattoo (Bootleg)
10 Adele – Someone Like You (Brazil Groovland Bootleg)

Tonin Koleci it’s the owner of Revolution Lounge (Diber/Debar, Macedonia) I’m told he plays my mixes all the time. So today I will stop and say big “Naqeta” to Tonin. Also Big “Obrigado” goes to my Brazilian fried “Edground Grooveland” who authorize me Adele’s bootleg remix! My favorite of all remixes. Great suport from Brian Burnside who now is a resident of West Cost US. And to my friend Joe Doppio for making 2 new jingles, attached on my new mix.

ps: Photo of the horse is taken by me at Albanians mounties, Europe. I don’t copy pictures from internet. I make them myself. So…all cover photos that you see here are my original work.

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Vocal House 024


Download Here >>> or just listen by clicking play…

01. Menny’s Edit Hannah Jones
02. SoWHAT- Lifted (P.M. Project Corner Cafe Mix)
03. Menny’s Edit of Zakes Bantwini feat. Xolani Sithole – Clap Your Hands
04. Goldfish Feat. Monique Hellenberg – Call Me (Culoe De Song Remix)
05. Jill Scott – Hear My Call (David Harness Harlum Mix)
06. Vinyl 12″ David Gray – The Other side (FR Sad Mix)
07. Low Deep T – Now That I’ve Found U (Remixes)
08. Panevino feat. Charles Dockins – The Best Of Me
09. Brooklyn Red – He Moves
10. Vinyl 12″ The Carlos Sanchez Movement III featuring Lorenzo Tyler – “Spirit Of The Dance”
11. Hardsoul feat. Ron Carroll – Back Together (Soul Purpose Mix)
12. Distant People feat. Rainy Payne – Connected

Menny Dibrani now on facebook!

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Vocal House 023


Download here
, or just listen by clicking play…

I took this picture at Lake George…

01 James Blake – Wilhelms Scream (Rancido’s Deeper Mix)
02 t3N – Live 4 Now(Original)
03 Dubtribe Sound System – Autosoul (Liquid People Dub)
04 DJ QT And Black Motion ft Xoli – Set Me Free
05 Bucie – Get Over It
06 DJ Kent feat. Malehloka Hlalele – Falling (DJ Black Coffee Remix)
07 Noel Nanton – Your Love – Ian Pooley Remix
08 Zepherin Saint – Midnight Mawal
09 Sax In The City (Raw Artistic Soul Remix)
10 Agev Munsen & Roland Clark-That Thing About Deep(Munsen’s Main Mix)
11 Ministry Of Funk – People (Original Mix)
12 DJ Menny Edit (House Music & Divine)

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Vocal House 022


Download here
, or just listen by clicking play…

01 Busi Mhlongo – Webaba (Culoe De Song Remix)
02 PROMO Rocco – Saharian Child (Original Mix)
03 PROMO E-Menny ( test )
04 PROMO Diamondancer – All This Love For You (Ralf GUM 2011 Remix)
05 Pex Africah & DJ Nkokhi pres Eve – Take My Hand
06 PROMO Floetry – Say Yes (Black Space Remix) Menny’s Touch
07 PROMO Global Niche Movement – Strong Man (David Sabat Mix)
08 Ralf Gum 60Hertz Project – Capricorn (Essential_I_Remix)
09 Hiya Kaya EP – Sunday Showers (Original mix)
10 Fiso Da Costa – Frequencies From The African Soil
11 Tera Deva – Golden Nectar

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New Mix – Vocal House 021


Download >>> or just listen by clicking play…

Inspired by Ana Rosero, Culoe De Song, Jon Crocket, Joe Doppio and Esteban Fernandez. Photo by Menny (Big Island – Hawaii)

1. Suges – Your Body
2. DJ Mbuso ft Harrison Crump – Oh Yeah
3. Mr V – Jus Dance
4. DJ Bullet – I’m not a DJ
5. Nelson Jimenez – Pa Casa De Earthumental Dub
6. Rozzo – Wish I was black Cat
7. Black Coffe – Trip to Lyon
8. Infinite Boys feat. Dk – Love Strategies
9. Gladys Knight–Neither One Of Us, wants To Be The First To Say Goodbye
11. Rocco – Thursday Night, Friday Morning
10. India and Peppe Citarella – Tacalacateo (Terry Hunter Club World Remix)

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Vocal House 020


Download >>> or just listen by clicking play…

This mix was lock-and-repeat will I was skiing in Poconos, had a good time, came back in one piece and I can’t wait to go back… I just wish was a DJ booth near the skii lift, it’s a shame you hear commercial music in such a awesome place. I’m not saying play only House Music, wish was R&B or Rock or Classic music…but please DON’T commercialize me!
However, one my head phones silence you hear lyrics like this:

Track 1: Smiling with the sun
Track 2: Music is my friend
Track 4: Gladys Knight voice, I’m in love with her
Track 6: I don’t want no trouble, don’t want no stress… please just late me live!
Sade remix, Anita Backer remixes and so one…

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Vocal House 019


Download >>> or just listen by clicking play…

01. Esteban Fernandez – Charrura (Drum Tool) Buy it here >>>
02. Nelson Jimenez – Pa Casa De
03. The CombiNations – Mi Tumba
04. PROMO* Micheal Weeks – The Light (Menny’s touch version)
05. PROMO* Beats International – Dub Be Good To Me (Promo Unreleased )
06. PROMO* Curtis McClain – The House Music Anthem (OUT NOW)
07. PROMO Gladys Knight & The Pips – If I Were Your Woman (SuperMenny’s Remix)
08. Timmy Regisford Feat. Lynn Lockamy – At The Club (Menny’s Fuse)
09. Gusto – Disco Revenge (Loop Intro)
10. Diamondancer – Message for the DJ (Jimpster Version)
11. PROMO* Floetry – Say Yes (Black Space Remix)
12. Nelson Jimenez – Pa Casa De (Franck’s Earthrumental Version)

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