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Met Alba


Got this little-tiny-friend who happen to like soccer and house music just like me. Soon I will start training here how to mix.
Hope one day I will retire from DJ’ing and she will take over 🙂
show must go on!

Nothing to say or do lately from my side. I started playing soccer every week now just to kill some time and also sending my daughter to soccer practice. My turntables are parked until something good comes up. Feel sorry for the house music industry at this moment, we not doing well in my opinion. The technology brought a lot of good things but also took away some good stuff. In the mine-time some of my good DJ friends are moving WEST for better life sins they starting a family. I’m kind of heartbroken to be honest. They were good friends and good DJ’s.
Me, I will not move from New York/New Jersey area, not now at list…
I love it here, I found peace.

Desperate For Music


I totally feel them… you got to have your music 🙂

Here is a link with more pictures and some more funy-crazy boombaxes ideas

Somebody that I used to know


Recorded Wednesday Night o8-o8-12


Some people play soccer
Some play poker
We play house music!
Here is a small video of Me, DJ Esteban & Joe Doppio starting the night at Vivo Lounge, Newark, NJ, USA.

Vacation is over…


Disney Magical Kingdom was truly Magical! (Orlando FL, USA)

I just feel sad for myself… I grow up with ONLY 2 TV station, MakedonskaTV1 and MakedonskaTV2 + TVSH Albanian National Channel who was on air only 6 hours a day and constantly blocked by Yugoslavian authorities. There where no Cartoon Network, Disney, Nickelodeon or specific children channel  🙁
To make the story short… I was more happy than my daughter to be there. You only should have seen me how I was waving and screaming to Mickey Mouse 🙂


The New Boombox


I got fired from a beach venue I was DJ’ing here in NJ
as a revenge… I’m buying a boombox!
and I will go next to the restaurant
and blast my house music all day long 🙂
But first, I need a Boombox!

I love the beach, and I want my house music to surround me there. My phone is not enough to give me some bass, so I decide to shop around for a small boombox and keep my house music jamming next to me.
Surprised to see this things are still around and trend of the moment.
Here is a list of some of the new boomboxes I found.

GO Groove Sonawave

I bought this mini boombox for 20$ dollars on ebay, now is 50$ and good luck finding one! The company name is GO Groove, take look on the other products you my find interesting stuff!


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Faithless – Insomnia


I Only Smoke Weed When I Need To,
And I Need To Get Some Rest,
I Confess, I Burnt A Hole In The Mattress,
Yes, Yes, It Was Me, I Plead Guilty,
And On The Count Of Three I Pull Back The Duvet,
Make My Way To The Refrigerator,
One Dry Potato Inside, No Lie
Not Even Bread, Jam,
When The Light Above My Head Went Bam!
I Can’t Sleep, Something’s All Over Me,
Greasy, Insomnia Please Release Me,
And Let Me Dream About Making Mad Love On The Heath,
Tearing Off Tights With My Teeth.
But There’s No Relief,
I’m Wide Awake In My Kitchen,
It’s Dark And I’m Lonely,
Oh, If I Could Only Get Some Sleep,
Creaky Noises Make My Skin Creep,
I Need To Get Some Sleep,
I Can’t Get No Sleep….

DJ Room, DJ Booth (furniture)


PRO-DJBOOTH by Andre Zwart
896 RGB Pixels 2688 smd 5050 led
700 watt 12 v, software Madrix for some great bar lighting ideas.

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This guy reminds me of a Albanian friend by the name Arben Fida who was trying to do similar movements like the demonstrations of Nicolas in this video. Beni for me was the first promoter and bartender that I know from back in the days  (80’s & 90’s).  A guy with endless energy, dangers imagination and insomniac freak. Today… he dos not have a lot of respect from the fellow people in my home town. But for me he is the KING, a living legend for this job and he always will be the first one who broke the ice in the time wen no one had clue about promotion and bar-tendering in this small town a grow up.

The rest of the text is in Albanian…
Shpesh here degjoj njerezit flasin keq per Benin.
Me vjen keq, por une cdo here e mproj ne kete subjekt!
Nuk dua tja mohoj ate pozitiven qe ka bere…
Sepse sot…Nuk dua te flas per gjerat personale te Benit, si cdo kush edhe ki ka minuse. Por te flas per gjerat profesionale qe ki persona ka bere per ne.

Sa veta nga ju keni kaluar neper partyt e Arben Fides?!
Qe nga koha e “zhurkave” neper shtepi qe mbanim gjat vitet e 80’ta, kontributi i tij ne Tirane pas hapjes te kufirit ne Shqiperi, vitet e 90’ta, koha e diskotekes Rio ne Diber dhe deri ne ditet e sotme, Ben Fida akoma mundohet te krijojn atmosfere me ato kushte minimale qe vendi tone ofron. Sikur te kishte qen ki person ne Amerike me siguri do te kishte pllaken e yllit ne Hollywood. Por ne Diber, ki njeri perbuzet dhe nuk respekteohet per ate qe ka bere.

Sa vet nga ju keni shkuar neper “Vallzimet” shkollere qe Beni i organizonte
Sa vet nga ju keni njoftuar grate apo burat qe tash i keni neper partyt e organziuar nga Beni!
Sa vet nga ju keni degjuar muziken me te bukura dhe me te re nga Beni
Sa Artiste ka pruar Beni ne Diber!
Sa nga ju u mesuat te kerceni nga Beni!
apo te luani Biljard tek Biljarda “Benny”
etj, etj, etj
Apo e dini se sa e lodheshme eshte kjo pune! te kesh kete energji per 30 vjet, gjenerat pas gjenerate!
Dhe cka eshte edhe ma e rende eshte qe askush sta dije per nder! Mbasi mbaron mbremja krejt vazhdojne qejfet e tyre ndersa Beni fillon dhe c’monton ate qe ka bere per ta zbukuruar naten.

Ben Fida, do kesh respektin maximal nga une per kete lemi…
Vleresoj angazhimet tuaja qe ke bere per kete qytet dhe per kete komb…
Gjerat tjera negative do ua la te tjereve ti gjikojne.
Une mbetem mirenjohes!


Art, coffee table

This coffee table is a 12:1 scaled replica of a cassette tape. It is made of reclaimed maple, walnut and lucite. Dimensions are 47.25″ x 30″ x 5″ with a 3/8″ plexi top. This is a first prototype and one of a kind table. Future versions will be CNC machined out of high grade plywood with a variety of ply combinations and a glass top. This table has been an obsession of mine for 5 years! It is amazing to finally have it come to fruition. The table is completely reversible (sides A and B).

We are working to get this into production soon. Both plywood and handmade hardwood versions will be available. Please email us at for more information and to be put on our mailing list.

Soccer Dream Team


I’m not sure if we can beat the opponents, but just imagine the after-party with this line up 🙂

Every Wednesday


Lou Alvares, Esteban Fernandez and Friends… Deep, Afro, Tech, Soulful House Music only.
Be there…
Move your ass from the couch!
We don’t need your “Like” in facebook~
House Music industry needs you there, it’s like a chain,
so don’t be the weakest link!

Here is the picture of people you will found there: From left: Jon Cutler, Joe Doppio, DJ Romain, Esteban Fernandez & John Crockett & Me 🙂 taking the picture.

Menny driving


Every time I drive in this specific spot, I thank God for this country and this people. God bless America, cherishing every moment in it…

New DJ Equipment



Pioneer is a lieder standard when comes for DJ equipments choice. Pioneer DJ will be offering limited edition brilliant white versions of two of its highly popular professional DJ gear: the CDJ-2000 digital media player and the DJM-900nexus high performance digital mixer. Limited runs of 1,000 units of the CDJ-2000-W and 500 units of the DJM-900nexus-W will be produced and made available worldwide. Each special edition mixer and player will come with a distinctive plaque engraved with the serial number to indicate its authenticity and limited quantity, making each a must-have for the truest of DJs. The new color will be available starting February 2012.


New from Gemini CDJ 700 ( $600 )

Gemini,  is pleased to announce they are now shipping the CDJ-700, a groundbreaking professional DJ media player that incorporates the industry’s first full-color touchscreen display. The unit also features MIDI capabilities and supports playback from CDs, SD cards and USB memory devices, making this one of the most versatile DJ solutions available.


New from Numark ( $70 )

With the advent of sync controls, many modern DJs don’t need to constantly monitor their mix, and don’t want a set of headphones hanging around their neck. REDPHONE is the answer. The form factor is designed to free up a DJ’s hands so they can perform at their best.  REDPHONE connects to a DJ’s rig using the included XLR-1/4” cable, providing a pro-grade audio connection. REDPHONE channels audio through a premium-quality 50 mm driver, providing superior monitoring at every gig.

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