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Dibra 4K


Dibra 4K is another project I have been working the last year. Proud to present the landscape of my birth town in Diber recorded with the DJI Phantom 3 drone. Even prouder to have the rights of the Diva Sophia Castriota! Thank you Sophia!

Project name “Dibra 4K” by Gazmend Kërkuti (
Music: Sophie Castriota – Xhamadani Vija Vija
Arranged and Produced by Sophie Castriota and Phil Hancock
Vocals – Sophie Castriota
Piano – Phil Hancock


DIBRA 4K team:
Adhurim (Tallam) Kaja, Regjisor;
Afrim Kërkuti (inxhinier i diplomuar i elektroteknikës), drejtues teknik;
Bardhyl Marku, (inxhinier i diplomuar i arkitekturës), këshilltar
Bujar Karoshi (gazetar), drejtues;
Gazmend (Menny) Kërkuti, editim;
Ibrahim Kolari (biznesmen) sponsor nr. 3;
Mice Cenobafte (biznesmen) sponsor nr. 2

Vocal House 029


cielo_4Photo taken at Club Cielo NYC

Track listing…

Download Here >>> or just listen by clicking play…

Vocal House 028


vocal house 028
Photo cover for this mix is taken in Amazon river, Brazil.
…Sometimes all you need is that tiny house!

Download Here >>> or just listen by clicking play…

01.Mr. Beatnick – Synthetes [Don’t Be Afraid]
02.Paolo Rocco – Move Body, Move Forward
03.Louis Benedetti, Raffa Scoccia – Hammonized (Main Mix)
04.Boddhi Satva, Ze Pequino – Stop Jealousy (Culeo De Kamnguni Remix)
05.Nombela, KaySoul – All I Know (Welcome Back to Africa Meekx)
06.Eddie Amador- House Music (Mennys touch)
07.Dario D Attis – The Good Old Days (Original Mix)
08.Romanthony – Bring You Up (Pbr Streetgang Remix)
09.Steve Paradise, Chery – Guitar Voice
10.Angie Stone – Wish I Didn’t Miss You (white label remix)
11.Tracy Chapman – Crossroads (Boddhi Satva Ancestral Soul Remix)

Brazil FIFA World Cup



Soon I will upload some pictures of my trip to Brazil…

RIP My lovely Tiger


rip tiger I never thought I will cry so much for this cat! Yes… got no shame to say it! She brought me so much joy and she will always be remembered!

Canada, Niagara Falls


Menny in niagara falls This is what a call “Room with the view” 🙂

Vacation time… Europe!



I was away for 1 month. Good to be back “Home” my second home a way of home. More pictures of my travels… Click Here to read the rest of this entry »



Great experience as VIP last night at RED BULL ARENA!
Watching the soccer game at the highest level from the private Skybox was something I want to be repeat it every week.
Red carpet entrance, free buffet, free drinks, private room with balcony, personal waiters… Oh it felt so good!
Big win for New York Red Bulls 4, Montreal Impact 0.
ps: Just 4 hours later I was back at realty!
back at my door 🙂
The VIP day was over…

I’m with the DJ…


im with the dj
Not sure who is the author of this picture but I found it very amazing!
From now one I will be more careful when I go to the friends DJ booth 🙂
If you support your DJ be on the dance floor and not on the booth.

Searching for Sugar Man



You got to see this documentary!
If you are a DJ, producer, musician… you will be touched by the story!
Look around and watch this documentary “Searching for Sugar Man”

Women and Vinyl 12″


I Always say: Thank you Lord for women and music!
If I have my woman and music… you can throw me in the island
or in the mounties village of Albania…ill be fine!
or on the igloo in Alaska…I’ll be worm,
or in the hut at Amazon Jungle. I will be ready to go hunt and bring food and roll the drums during the night 🙂

Here is 33 pictures (not my work) collection with woman on wax, mostly retro vintage from the past… Click Here to read the rest of this entry »

Facebook Page


LIKE if you like DJMENNY.COM
Facebook has changed all of our lives. Whether you’ve ever had an account or even visited the website, it’s difficult to ignore the billion of Facebook’s users.

So here is my personal page 🙂

Menny Dibrani now on facebook!

Happy 100th Birthday Albania!


My country Albania today makes the 100th birthday!
If you have never met a Albanian person…think about me 🙂

Why I’m so proud of my country:
We have never occupied any country. Fought many wars but always defending our home. We are not racists. We are religion tolerant. We have in one family different religions! Very hard working people! Beautiful country. At one point you can ski and few hours later you can swim on the beach. Loyal-Besa (man of word)
Our best friend is America 🙂

Sōl Deep Video


Video by Menny Dibrani
Venue name: SōL DEEP
Venue founder: Lou Alvarez & Esteban Fernandez
Location: Vivo Lounge, NJ, USA

Here is the video I created for the SōL DEEP party here in NJ. Founded by Lou Alvarez and Esteban Fernandez. Pure underground party where people dance and feel the deep soulful house music as is… the only food source for the soul!

With DJ’s from around the world like: Shun Tyger (QC Canada), Manuel Alejandro (NJ), Les Cole (NJ), Detail (NJ), Kortez (NJ), Brian Coxx (NY), Jon Cutler (BKNY), Tony Touch (NY), Ivan Diaz (Belgium), Tee Mallory (NJ), Larry Love (NJ), Ritarocks (NJ), Jeannie Hopper (NY), DJ J’Shon, Steeve Sam, Marcia Boynton (NJ), Paso Doble (QC Canada), Myrto Joyce (NY), Bradford James (BKNY), Barry B (NJ), Duron Dipp Tarik (NJ), Omar Abdallah (NJ), Glenn Thornton (NJ), Dawn Tallman (NY), Adam Cruz (NJ), Flora Cruz (NJ), Eddie Nicholas (NJ), Diego Sans (NY), DJ Aquabeat (NJ), Kinglion (NJ), John Crockett (NJ), DJ Menny (AL), Joe Doppio (ITA), Sabine Blaizin (BKNY), DJ Beloved (NJ), Horacio Tlatepla (NJ), Henry Diaz (CA), Jihad Muhammad (NJ), Justin Imperiale (NJ), Nadeeah Eshe (BKNY), DJ Sage (NJ), Mark Lewis (NJ), Ruben Toro (NY), David Castellano (SPAIN), CZ Boogie (CHI) , Phil Hooton (UK) and Swift of DJN Project (ATL).

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